Syncro TV


Second-screen is the hot topic in the industry these days. Tablets and smartphones have become the most used second-screen over laptops when people watch TV in order to get additional information on the watched content or to exchange on social networks. In both cases you need to run a solid CMS/backend platform to prepare and serve the synchronized contents to your companion app and track the usage over time.




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Product Description

Android and iOS Client module:

The client opens periodically the microphone of the mobile device, recording audio from the screen with DTT signal. The time the client opens the microphone and the periodicity of them can be configured. For a good performance records of 10 seconds are needed.

With our algorithm the mobile phones generates specific codes for this audio and send it to the central server to be matched with the codes in the database to identify the channel the user is watching at.

Server Functionalities:

A) Stream Acquisition Server:

Monitors DTT emission through its TV tuner cards (each card can control up to 2 channels)

Takes audio streams and generates with our algorithm the fingerprinting codes to save them in the database (PostgreSQL or MongoDB). In this database only the last 5 minutes of each channel are stored. The length of these streams should match with the records from the client.

This database is common for both client and server sides. The queries from the client will be performed over it. This is the reason why we only store the last 5 minutes of each channel to warranty the quickness and quality of the query.

B) Central Server:

Receives queries from the clients and identifies which program are watching at. Implemented in NodeJS can handle up to 20.000 concurrent queries.

Can be easily managed through its RESTful API.