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Is a free transport app offering real-time public transport routeing to vulnerable and non-conventional public transport users such as the elderly, the disabled and other persons with special mobility conditions (baby strollers, heavy luggage…).. Calculating the fastest ‘free-step route’ from A to B, Apertum provides a service which includes specific information on ‘accessible’ free-step mobility.

In Apertum, the involvement of local authorities does constitute a major advantage to the fast deployment of the app. Counting on the support of the FI-C3 programme would allow Apertum show:

  1. An early adoption of the solution in a major European city and
  2. A recognition from a reputed EU-funded accelerator to future adopters (fundamentally city transport authorities).

Will be firstly deployed in Madrid City. However, scaling up the service to additional cities will only involve a relatively limited cost!

Tamara RufoApertum