Reflectography and Hyperspectral

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Reflectography and Hyperspectral – Due to the availability of more precise and better sensor devices able to detect wavelengths in the near-infrared (composed by Indium, Gallium and Arsenic – InGaAs), a sustained-in-time collaboration has been established with the Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España to generate and improve an acquisition robot for the complete automatization of the reflectographic mosaic composition.


The system is able to detect infrared information in the range of 900 – 1700 nm, with independent bands every 2,25 nm, providing a very useful hyperspectral set of images that allow several objectives, among them, the underdrawing of artworks, and the non-invasive analysis of the materials and pigments used in the painting. Applied to a set of Spanish altarpieces from the XV and XVII century without moving or dismantle any painting.

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