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Sensor & Video Analytics

  • Business Intelligence

Sensor & Video Analytics – Relying on the latest advances in pattern recognition and machine learning, Visiona obtains the most of complex sensor networks deployed in public and private spaces to automatically analyze content of massive amount of data available.

  • Reinforcement of security measures in critical infrastructures by means of the design and deployment of reliable video surveillance systems integrating incident-based early situation awareness capabilities (e.g. dynamic object detection, tracking and counting; abnormal behaviour inference).
  • Exploitation of surveillance cameras and crowdsourcing tools for statistical analysis in Big Data applications (e.g. information for marketing in retail/shop environments).
  • WSN- and IoT-based smart sensors deployed to provide ecoefficient services contributing thus to a more suistainable development in rural and urban áreas.
  • Maximizing the cultural impact of computer vision by means of the design and development of ad-hoc solutions for cultural heritage protection (e.g. automatic creation of high resolution infrared reflectographic mosaics).
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Sensor & Video Analytics