Become a hero of the new mobile journalism era with the solution our subsidiary Videona has developed for you!


  • Audiovisual Sector

ViMoJo enables journalists and prosumers to tell the story they want at the moment they need.

We are here to disrupt the way professional journalists and prosumers use mobile technology in their workflow, breaking the video editing barrier and enhancing the storytelling process.

  • Advanced recording camera

    Professional recording tools on your mobile device.

  • The video editing in your hands

    Organize the video clips in the timeline to edit the project as you want.

  • Add text, voiceover and music

    You can create audiovisual pieces quickly with professional quality through mobile.

  • Your news instantly

    Share your news in just a few minutes reducing costs.


Integrated with the transcription and subtitling services in the Limecraft cloud.

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